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My Dad's iPod was started by good friends that like playing classic and modern rock, and sharing their good times with you! Combined we have about a zillion years of playing experience! Living proof that just because you're married with kids, doesn't mean you can't Rock'em till they drop!

Here is a quick listing of the artists we play for your listening pleasure!

Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, U2, Rick Springfield, Tommy Tu Tone, Bush, Blink 182, INXS, Placebo, Toadies, Tonic, Nirvana, Dramarama, Dishwalla, Radiohead, Incubus, Gin Blossoms, Fuel, R.E.M., Alice In Chains, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Sponge, Thrice, The Cult, Eddie Money, The Church, Cheap Trick, Collective Soul, and sooooo much more!

Wanna know a little more about da boys in da band? Read on.....

Dave Dave Provenza - Lead & Backup Vocals, Drums

Dave has been playin drums for over 23 years! He's been in bands like Spontaneous Combustion, White Collar Possum, Nonsuch, Old Dog New Trick and now My Dad's iPod! Never shy, you never know what he'll wear, say or do at the shows! Sorry ladies... he's married, but you can still put his poster on the wall next to your Shaun Cassidy one! The new front man for MDI, he brings the energy and showmanship, all while showcasing the boys in the band!
Russ Russ Vazquez - Bass

Russell Vazquez is the bass player for My Dad's iPod. He also plays bass for OMANI and Louisiana Rain and has been playing music since the age of eight. During the 70's 80's and 90's as a member of the bands Windjammer, Aryon and Doug led to him to perform in such legendary Bay Area clubs as The Keystone (Palo Alto, San Francisco) and the Mabuhay Gardens. When Russ was in hard rocker Aryon he recorded and toured in support of their album Rebels Of The Night, which enjoyed airplay on radio stations KSJO and the legendary KOME. In addition to playing bass and singing harmony, he also plays guitar and keyboards. Getting back into music in the mid 2000's, Russ has shared the stage with such notable artists as Don Carlos, The Itals, Edi Fitzroy, Winstrong, and Mystic Man, and has also performed at events with artists like Kymani Marley, Israel Vibration, Big Mountain, Prezident Brown, and many more.
Bruce Bruce Spencer - Lead Guitar

Mr. Bruce likes to call people like Jimmy Page, Steve Earle, and Joe Perry friends, though sometimes he wishes they would return the favor. Maybe if he could just get around those pesky restraining orders. Having pretty much rocked out the east coast in bands like Paradox and RocKShoW, he's worked the west coast with the likes of Spontaneous Combustion, Nonsuch, and Old Dog New Trick. Now his agent has procured the much coveted gig with My Dad's iPod. Which guitar will he plug in? Which pair of sneakers will he wear? Which side will he part his hair? There's only one way to find out.
Sean Sean Provenza - Backup and Lead Vocals, Drums, Rhythm Guitar

As the "young gun" in the group Sean's job is make everything that we brag about doing, seem easy and simple! Sean has played in many groups as well as jammin with his buds all while recording the finest of basement art! Playing in a band with his Dad, gives him the opportunity to turn the tables and yell at him for not practicing! He loves music, and can honestly say he is playing what's on his Dad's iPod!

My Dad's iPod - Classic, Modern & Alternative Rock Cover Band!
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